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Enhancing Patient Outcomes with 3D Printing

We provide patient-specific 3D printed models to hospitals and surgeons for enhanced pre-surgical planning

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How It Works

Taking patient data to the next dimension


We facilitate a secure and HIPAA-compliant acquisition of the patient's MRI or CT scans.


Our patent-pending tools convert MRI/CT scans to 3D printable files.


3D Ops utilizes the most advanced 3D printers available to create patient-specific anatomical replicas, customized to your surgeon's desires.


Our rapid delivery to surgeons for pre-surgical planning is within hours, always with our quality guarantee.

Scan-To-Print Process

We improve patient outcomes by enhancing pre-surgical planning.

Reduce Time in Surgery

We convert MRI and CT scan images into 3D printable data, then print 3D models of patient-specific anatomy for pre-surgical planning. The surgeons can hold, examine, plan, and even practice on the patient’s own modeled anatomy BEFORE entering the Operating Room (O.R.). Quality of patient care is enhanced and less time in the O.R. saves money. O.R. costs average $4,745 per hour. With just a 30-minute O.R. reduction per day, hospitals can save over $56,000 per month.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Improving patient outcomes is 3D Ops' passion. Patient outcomes are enhanced by:

  • Reducing a patient's time in surgery
  • Reducing a patient's time under anesthesia
  • Enables faster recovery times by
    • Less surgery trauma for patient
    • Lower blood loss during surgery
    • Higher post-op hemoglobin levels
  • Enables new surgical procedures to be planned and utilized
  • Minimizes risks by enhancing planning
  • Dramatically reduces hospital readmissions
  • Enhances surgeon and patient communications
  • Allows patients to clearly visualize their specific need and envision their healing process

Meet the Team

Daniel Hampton

A veteran of the medical device industry, Daniel has extensive experience in additive manufacturing, specifically in utilizing 3D printing and selective laser sintering using medical grade materials, as well as medical device design and patient specific solutions. He has a degree in mechanical engineering.

Ira Weiss
President & CEO

Ira has 40 years experience in healthcare and corporate management. Having successfully led technology companies Ira has the acumen and skills to build our company to its fullest potential. His expertise in finance, IT, legal and operations will allow us to develop a path to success. He has worked in both the hospital and insurance industries which are key to our business development strategy.

Beth Douglass

Beth is passionate about enhancing a patient’s medical experience with 3D printing. She studied and worked in 5 countries, completing master’s degrees in International Marketing and Business Management. In addition to her role in Customer Relations for 3D Ops, Beth works for a global medical company specializing in prosthetics.

Blaise Baxter, MD
Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Baxter is a world-renowned neuro-interventional radiologist with a passion for enhancing stroke patient outcomes and treatment methodologies. He is presently the Chief of Radiology for the Erlanger Health System, the 7th largest public hospital in the USA, and the Chair of Radiology for the University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga. Dr. Baxter has been instrumental in developing the Southeast Regional Stroke Center, one of the busiest stroke centers in the USA. He is the Vice President and President-elect (2017) of the Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS).

Mark G. Freeman, MD
Chief Surgical Advisor

Dr. Freeman is a celebrated orthopaedic surgeon with a passion to enhance surgery with the power of 3D printing. His Biomedical Engineering degree from Vanderbilt, Medical degree from the University of Virginia, esteemed OrthoCarolina Fellowship, product development experience with Smith and Nephew, and surgical consultant roles with several biomedical entities, have fueled this passion. Currently, he is the Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Erlanger Health System, Medical Director of UT Erlanger Orthopaedics, and Director of Anthroplasty and Adult Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga.

3D OPS is a medical solutions provider based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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